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Carefully & Professionally Restoring the Contents of Your Property

When damage occurs on your property, your structure and building materials are not the only things that suffer. The contents of your home or office, from your furniture to your clothing and other important documents, may also be damaged as a result of soot, smoke, or water. At Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration, we offer professional contents handling in addition to our damage restoration services.

You can rely on our team to handle the contents restoration process with respect and care. This includes packing out the contents, taking them to another location, restoring them, and returning them to your home at the proper time.

Reach out to our team at (208) 269-9927 to learn how we can help with contents handling in Southern Idaho.

We Don't Just Throw Away Your Stuff

Many disaster restoration companies make the mistake of throwing away damaged contents without even trying to restore them. At our company, restoring damaged contents to their pre-loss condition is one of our specialties. We know that your belongings and possessions are special to you and are often not replaceable. Our team does everything in our power to clean and salvage your contents, rather than assuming they are unsalvageable and throwing them away.

In some cases, your contents may not be completely damaged or full of debris but there may be an odor left behind. We are also trained to handle odors which linger as a result of water and fire-related disasters using a special deodorization method.

We can handle the restoration of all types of contents, including:

  • Dry-clean only fabrics and materials
  • Comforters, quilts, and bedding
  • Clothing of all fabric types
  • Women's accessories
  • Sports and hunting gear
  • Upholstery (sofas, couches, etc.)
  • Artwork and special documents
  • Books and photographs
  • DVD/CD media
  • Electronics

    Choose Our Team for your Contents Restoration in Southern Idaho

    With extensive experience handling contents from all types of disasters, our team is prepared to restore your belongings and return them to you. As a licensed and insured disaster restoration company, you can rely on us to keep you informed every step of the way and even help work with your insurance company. You can reach Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration 24 hours a day, 7 days a week when an emergency strikes. Our Southern Idaho contents handling team is thorough, friendly, and professional.

    Give us a call now at (208) 269-9927. We offer services throughout Pocatello, Chubbuck, Boise, Rexburg, Idaho Falls, and the surrounding areas.

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    • “The rooms were all treated and everything was replaced better than expected.”

      Toni W.

    • “Good job”

      Denise McGovern

    • “Very Responsive”


    • “The stress of having to deal with any sort of damage was completely removed and effortless.”

      Jesse W.

    • “The work was clean and we are in love with our new basement!”

      Megan P.

    • “I could give them 6 stars I would.”

      Azazel S.

    • “They had amazing communication through the entire project.”

      Danielle D.

    • “These people are phenomenal.”

      Rick L.

    • “I am extremely proud to say that i would definitely recommend this company to all my friends.”

      Michelle M.

    • “Would definitely recommend Idaho fire and flood!”

      Jyl C.

    • “Came out to my house asap in the middle of the night.”

      Sherone H.

    • “They were helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.”

      Kristi T.

    • “Your workers treat her with respect and kindness.”

      Nancy O.

    • “Thanks guys, you're the best!!!!!!”

      Angie G.

    • “They were all very easy to work with and we are so happy with the work they did.”

      Misty C.

    Mold Remediation Done Quickly & Correctly

    A recently flooded home or commercial space is the most perfect breeding ground for molds. In fact, in as little as 48 hours, molds can spread throughout your entire property. Make sure this never happens in your home with the help of Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration. Mold remediation is a crucial part of our water damage restoration process. We take every step necessary to prevent the spread of molds in your home. From assessing the mold growth to cleaning the affected areas to drying and dehumidifying, our team ensures a job done right. We also take care of repairing or replacing your walls, roof, and flooring. Our team always has your safety and health in mind, and you can rest assured that we are always ready to provide immediate and thorough mold remediation for your home or place of business.
    Mold and Water Damage

    Mold quickly spread throughout this house after a pipe broke while the family was away.