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Your Best Friend When Disasters Happen! Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration

Our Promise at Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration

Your Best Friend When Disaster Happens

Whether you need to repair your home or business after water, mold, or fire damage, remodel your kitchen after a refrigerator line leak, or get your carpets professionally steam cleaned, trust the expertise of Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration. It is our promise that you will receive our highest quality of work and attention to detail during each step of the process to ensure customer satisfaction. As our valued customer, you can be assured you will receive the kind of care and thoroughness you want, need, and deserve.

Our goal as a company is for you to be able to truthfully say that Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration is your best friend when disaster happens. Call us now for all your home or business restoration needs.

Quality You Can Trust

Quality and trust are ingrained in our company’s core values. Uniquely established from the inside by our employees, these values are not just something we strongly believe in but it is something we live by.

What can you expect from our team?

  • No hidden fees or extra charges
  • Highly trained and experienced techs
  • Prompt, reliable response
  • Emergency services available 24/7
  • Single point of contact through the entire process
  • Specific workmanship guarantees presented to you upon the project’s completion
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee

    No matter the size or scope of your property restoration project, our professional team can handle it. We have helped countless customers in situations similar to yours. From a flooded basement needing water removal to elaborate, labor-intensive, timber woodworking reconstruction after a devastating fire, Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration is the team to call.

    A Better Choice for Better Results

    At Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration, your success is our success. When you turn to our expertise for any property damage related project, you need the assurance from the beginning stages to the finished product that you are receiving the maximum value for the services rendered. Our promise is just that. Through 100% transparency, you will have confidence that during an unexpected loss, you have maximized your project budgets and allowances while receiving signature work.

    Our company is also continuously investing in cutting-edge technology and equipment, so customers like you can be assured that you are getting what you pay for. Each year, Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration leads our area in new innovative systems and equipment and educates others in the industry to provide excellent quality of work while streamlining job processes in order to promptly and efficiently get you back in order after a devastating property damage insurance claim.

    Call Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration & Relax

    When you call us to fix your property, our friendly and courteous staff promise to always respect you and your home or business. We pledge to keep our word when establishing appointments and following through with project commitments. After years of experience, we bring added value and foresight in project management, especially in the insurance repair industry where it’s common for us to work with three to four different parties throughout a project. Recognizing the needs of all interested parties on each individual task is critical to ensuring customer satisfaction. Whether you are a first time customer of Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration or a long-time client and friend, we ensure professionalism when keeping timelines and coordinating schedules.

    To learn more about our services or if you wish to schedule an appointment, contact our Southern Idaho property restoration company at (208) 269-9927.

    What Our Customers Are Saying

    • “The stress of having to deal with any sort of damage was completely removed and effortless.”

      Jesse W.

    • “Thanks guys, you're the best!!!!!!”

      Angie G.

    • “The work was clean and we are in love with our new basement!”

      Megan P.

    • “Very Responsive”


    • “Your workers treat her with respect and kindness.”

      Nancy O.

    • “Came out to my house asap in the middle of the night.”

      Sherone H.

    • “These people are phenomenal.”

      Rick L.

    • “Would definitely recommend Idaho fire and flood!”

      Jyl C.

    • “They had amazing communication through the entire project.”

      Danielle D.

    • “I could give them 6 stars I would.”

      Azazel S.

    • “I am extremely proud to say that i would definitely recommend this company to all my friends.”

      Michelle M.

    • “They were all very easy to work with and we are so happy with the work they did.”

      Misty C.

    • “They are friendly, knowledgeable, and go the extra mile.”

      Matthew N.

    • “The rooms were all treated and everything was replaced better than expected.”

      Toni W.

    • “They were helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.”

      Kristi T.

    Mold Remediation Done Quickly & Correctly

    A recently flooded home or commercial space is the most perfect breeding ground for molds. In fact, in as little as 48 hours, molds can spread throughout your entire property. Make sure this never happens in your home with the help of Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration. Mold remediation is a crucial part of our water damage restoration process. We take every step necessary to prevent the spread of molds in your home. From assessing the mold growth to cleaning the affected areas to drying and dehumidifying, our team ensures a job done right. We also take care of repairing or replacing your walls, roof, and flooring. Our team always has your safety and health in mind, and you can rest assured that we are always ready to provide immediate and thorough mold remediation for your home or place of business.
    Mold and Water Damage

    Mold quickly spread throughout this house after a pipe broke while the family was away.