Trauma & Hazardous Cleanup

Regulatory Biohazard Cleanup & Disposal

Biohazard CleanupTrauma & Hazardous Cleanup

There is a wide range of situations that we never expect to take place on our property and may be totally unprepared for, such as crime scenes, accidental deaths, or other incidents involving hazardous chemicals and biohazards. At Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration, we are capable of cleaning and restoring any trauma scene to its pre-loss condition. Our trauma restoration technicians are trained and experienced at showing up to harmful environments with the necessary equipment to get the job done right.

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Regulatory Biohazard Cleanup & Disposal

Trauma scene cleanup includes any situation that requires the removal or cleanup of blood, tissue, bodily fluids, or dangerous chemicals. There are certain regulations regarding trauma scene cleanup established by OSHA, the EPA, and CDC. We are familiar with these regulations set by the federal government and the state and have the proper certifications and training to conduct trauma cleanup services.

Our team understands that these emergencies are often very sensitive and require not only professional cleaning but also respectful services. Regardless of the scene that we find in your home or commercial building, you can rely on us to provide you with thorough and courteous care.

We can handle any situation which requires the cleanup of dangerous biohazards including:

  • Drug lab cleanup
  • Accidential death cleanup
  • Suicide/homicide decontamination
  • Crime scene cleanup
  • Decontamination of chemicals
  • Hoarding and rubbish removal
  • Animal infestation and odor cleanup
  • Prison cell cleanup
  • Emergency vehicle cleanup
  • Airborne pathogen/blood cleanup
  • Bodily fluids/tissue cleanup
  • Infectious disease decontamination

We are specialized in Asbestos Removal:

  • IICRC-Certified Technicians
  • Follows EPA and OSHA Guidelines for Asbestos Removal
  • Safe and Complete Asbestos Abatement
  • Protect Your Family’s Health from Airborne Asbestos Fibers

Why Choose IFF?

  1. Full-Service Restoration Solution
  2. Fast Response Times
  3. Environmentally Conscious
  4. Preferred by Insurance Companies
  5. Available 24/7 for Emergency Services
  6. Exceptional Customer Service

Restoration Services Post-Trauma Cleanup

When you call our team at Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration for trauma or biohazard cleanup in Southern Idaho, you can count on us to arrive in a timely fashion. We show up with all of the necessary equipment, products, and supplies needed to finish the job successfully and work tirelessly until we're done. Once all of the hazardous material has been removed and disposed of properly, restoration work may be needed to bring your home or commercial space back to its pre-disaster state. This can include replacing flooring, walls, drywall, and kitchen cabinets. We can handle it all.

We serve Pocatello, Chubbuck, Rexburg, Boise, Idaho Falls, and the surrounding areas. Our team is available 24/7 for any emergency situations, assuring prompt, reliable response.

Abestos Abatement

If your property experiences some sort of damage that affects asbestos-containing materials, a professional asbestos abatement technician will need to be onsite for safe, proper removal and disposal. 

Lead Abatement

Lead pipes and lead-based paint all present hazards for any property owner, especially when those materials are impacted by any sort of water, fire, mold, or storm disaster. 


Sewage is more than gross, it's dangerous because of the presence of harmful microbes and bacteria. Sewage cleanup technicians have the training and equipment necessary for thorough, safe cleanup. 


The presence of body fluids and tissues that result from a health or crime traumatic incident requires discreet, compassionate, and thorough cleanup from a team experienced team who can help restore the affected areas to a clean, safe environment.

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