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Water Damage Restoration & Mitigation for Any Water-Related Disaster

Watching your home become flooded as a result of a broken pipe, big storm, or any other water-related situation can be stressful. It may seem like there is no hope, especially if your irreplaceable belongings have been damaged in addition to your home. Fortunately, our team at Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration can help restore both your home and your possessions after a water-related disaster.

Regardless of the circumstances and the degree of water damage, our Southern Idaho water and flood damage restoration crew is here to help. Our goal is to restore your home to the same or improved condition as before the flood damage.

Give us a call today at (208) 269-9927 to request an appointment. We serve customers throughout Pocatello, Chubbuck, Rexburg, Boise, Idaho Falls, and surrounding areas.

Diagnosing & Repairing Water Damage

Flood damage is one of the most common types of damage residential properties incur and our team is well-versed in restoring all types of water damage. After we have shown up on-site and assessed the degree of the damage, we can create a quote customized to the work needed to restore your home. We submit this to you and upon your approval, can handle the claim to your insurance company. Once we have the go ahead, we can begin using our advanced tools and techniques to dry any remaining water and restore your home.

Our water damage restoration process may include the following steps:

  • Water extraction and dehumidification
  • Complete structural drying
  • Using tools to determine if there is additional water damage not visible to the eye
  • Mold remediation as needed
  • Rug and upholstery cleaning
  • Removing and restoring all contents
  • Removing and replacing any damaged flooring
  • Contents and document salvage
  • Structural repairs

    Rapid Response Emergency Flood Services

    If you have experienced a flood or have water damage on your property, Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration is available 24/7. During the time we have been in business, we have seen the ways that water can quickly wreak havoc on homes and in some cases, physical health.

    Our Southern Idaho water and flood restoration service has earned a reputation for our quality to rapid water damage restoration and fast response time. When we show up to your water-related disaster, we treat your home and possessions with the utmost care as we get the job done right.

    You can rely on us for prompt water damage restoration after your water-related disaster. Call us today at (208) 269-9927.

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      Toni W.

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      Jyl C.

    • “They were helpful, knowledgeable, and friendly.”

      Kristi T.

    • “They were all very easy to work with and we are so happy with the work they did.”

      Misty C.

    Mold Remediation Done Quickly & Correctly

    A recently flooded home or commercial space is the most perfect breeding ground for molds. In fact, in as little as 48 hours, molds can spread throughout your entire property. Make sure this never happens in your home with the help of Idaho Fire & Flood Restoration. Mold remediation is a crucial part of our water damage restoration process. We take every step necessary to prevent the spread of molds in your home. From assessing the mold growth to cleaning the affected areas to drying and dehumidifying, our team ensures a job done right. We also take care of repairing or replacing your walls, roof, and flooring. Our team always has your safety and health in mind, and you can rest assured that we are always ready to provide immediate and thorough mold remediation for your home or place of business.
    Mold and Water Damage

    Mold quickly spread throughout this house after a pipe broke while the family was away.